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Medimix Soap Ganesha

We’re doing our bit for the nature, said Ashish Ohlyan, Head of Marketing, Cholayil Pvt Ltd

MUMBAI, Sep 15 (The CONNECT) - Ayurvedic brands Medimix from Cholayil Private Limited has executed a novel initiative to celebrate an eco-friendly Ganesh Utsav this year by carving Ganesh Idol on Medimix Ayurvedic soap, made of 18 herbs.

In limited series production, Medimix provided more than 500 idols for the festival. The brand asked the audience to direct-message their address for sending the idol on a first-come-first-serve basis. After receiving their idol, people performed all the puja rituals and subsequently immersed the soap idol in a bowl. A lot of users posted photos and videos on social media platforms exhibiting how they switched to an eco-friendly Ganesha with the help of Medimix soap.

Ashish Ohlyan, Head of Marketing, Cholayil Pvt Ltd said, “With the campaign, we want to make people aware that there are more sustainable ways of celebrating the festival. There is a need to foster a love for the environment. Every year with the onset of Ganesh Chaturthi, our hearts get filled with immense joy and excitement, that exuberance and spirit is needed the most when we mark the end of the festival. We want to encourage people to switch to nature friendly options for a better future while relishing the festivities. Being one of the largest ayurvedic brands, we’re doing our bit for the nature ".

Rajeesh Rajagopalan, National Business Head- Grapes Digital said, “In many states, the government has imposed restrictions in the view of pandemic. However, we don’t want the festive spirit amongst people to be drowned out by the pandemic. We want to create something that consumers can easily switch to and celebrate the festival with utmost happiness. Hence, we created this campaign for the brand. The best part of the campaign is that the immersed idol will be further reused for washing hands".

The Medimix soap is enriched with the unique combination of 18 ayurvedic herbs which helps in germ protection and ensures that they are gentle and soft on the skin, leaving the hand smelling fresh, soft and clean.