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‘No option’ to strict hand hygiene!

#HaathonMaiHaath is the - Brand communication agency Option Design’s campaign

NEW DELHI, Sep 10 (The CONNECT) - Brand communication agency Option Designs launched social media campaign #HaathonMeinHaath with the aim of creating awareness about hygienic habits in view of the prevailing condition of novel coronavirus.

The campaign was run across all the major social media platforms for optimum reach. The main idea was to inculcate the hygienic habit not just during the pandemic but also make it a part of the lifestyle.

Unlike the name suggests HaathonMaiHaath takes a very creative and evocative shape which does not indicate shaking hands with others, rather it inspires people to bring their own hands together in the process of cleansing and sanitizing their hands to kill the notorious virus causing the deadly disease.

Where people might be taking a sigh of relief and keeping their guards down with the declining cases of COVID-19, it becomes more important to continue following the safety protocols that doesn’t ignite the off going wave of coronavirus. 

“Considering that the entire world has invariably borne the brunt of COVID-19, as a responsible agency we wanted to save humankind with every little effort possible in our hands,” Anurag Mehta, Co-Founder of Option Designs explained.

“Considering that for more than a year and a half, the entire world has been reeling under the devastating effect of COVID-19. Having endured the worst phase with great courage, we don’t want the public to ease on the safety protocols when the cases across the country have dipped down that may lead to another COVID-19 wave,” said Jaspreet Singh, the Co-Founder of Option Design.