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From Leap Year To Hope Year


Communication is everything that we do. The communication of declaration of the pandemic by the WHO has shaken the world and life with us, not just around us, suddenly changed triggering a series of lockdowns, closures. Then, there was a deafening silence. The already slowed-down economy that was looking for a big leap in the Leap Year has been shattered. All eyes were on the Government and the WHO for communication for a prolonged period. In line with the rest of the economy and industry, the communication business has also taken a big, big hit. Though the message was Corona Se Darona (don’t be afraid of corona), it was the fear psychosis that actually ruled our lives. Even now, one is unsure as to when the newspapers and magazines will return to full-fledged printing with the original bulky pages and to the ABC charts. This means that communication professionals will continue to face challenges in finding space. Vaccine, though started creating hopes, has dented the positivity with its side effects. Will we have to deal with Corona Positive for long?

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