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From a doll in a glass…

Bengaluru-based Chinnmaye Praveen, Strategic Head, GeWinn Wachstum, is an

accomplished Entrepreneur. With the right spirit and determination, she converted a

perceived disadvantage (of being a woman in an orthodox society) into a glorious

opportunity and launched a mission to ensure safe, drinking water through GeWinn

Wachstum which is into catering the societal need of furnishing pure drinking water to

communities by installing water kiosks. Chinmayee is also the Founder Director of Vistaara

foundation, Vice president of Public relations Council of India’s Bengaluru chapter and

Member - WEFT Foundation and Water board, South zone. Image Influencer catches up with

Chinmayee with a brief tete-e-tete via Whatsapp. Exerpts.

About herself

I am an entrepreneur by profession and social activist by passion. With my own dreams and

thoughts, I transformed myself into a leader-in-a-mass from a doll-in-a glass.

The Mission

To build a healthy nation by understanding the community needs.

What prompted her to take up this venture?

The concern on impact of health and wellness of grassroot strata, provide communities

access to safe drinking water. The passion since my childhood to be socially responsible and

serve the society in whatever way I could, made me choose this venture. It was an

opportunity to convert my vision to action.

Her journey with this idea, investment and achievements

My organisation is a decade old, My journey with this idea encouraged me to become an

entrepreneur paving way to address the biggest concern of community, equitable access to

safe and affordable drinking water without any discrimination, contributing to sustainable

development, improving standards of living and progressive reduction of ill health issues

mainly in the vulnerable section of the society. It was bootstrapped initiative. Installed

about 600 Drinking Water Kiosks in ten years across Karnataka

Achievements: Proudly say we have transformed many litter-dumped areas to resourceful

spaces by installing the drinking water kiosks. Soul satisfied to say women empowerment is

visibly mounting, as the job at our end doesn't demand big educational qualification or

technical know-how. Women empowerment was and is the central idea. Undoubtedly, the

community-based project made a huge impact by providing safe drinking water to stay

healthy to the neglected strata of the society.

For installation and commission of drinking water kiosks, we need from different arenas

such as electricians, plumbers and painters. Thus, we have been able to create employment

to physically challenged and uneducated youths, giving them an opportunity to work with

dignity of labour.

Cost of the kiosks

Ranges from Rs 6 lakh to Rs 12 lakh depending on capacity and ground water purities.

Corporates with CSR funding do chip in. The group also participates in Government tenders.

Future plans:

We want to contribute to socio-economic development by reduction of capital cost with

efficiency driven machines. We will explore